Personal Development for Smart People review by Tricktickler A Valentine

October 8, 2008

(Today’s post is brought to you by Tricktickler A Valentine, the smartest pimp from here to Compton)

Everybody’s into personal development right now, and I, Tricktickler A Valentine, the baddest pimp in my town can’t afford to get left behind. Now when I went to the bookstore, I was just thinking of getting some Anthony Robbins, because they say he’s good, and he can walk on fire and shit, and that’s pimping in my book. But then I saw Steve Pavlina‘s Personal Development for Smart People, and I knew it was for me, because there ain’t no other smarter pimp from here to Compton.

So I got my copy, went home, poured myself some wine, played me some Fugees, kicked back and chilled and had a good read through it. Now let me tell you, I wasn’t expecting much, but this book blew me away! I was so into it, I forgot to go out and collect money from my hoes! Good thing they know not to keep it from me, cause they know what happened to Trisha last time that happened. So now that I’ve enjoyed it, let me give you my review of Personal Development for Smart people.

Steve started the book with his story of how he used to steal a lot when he was younger. Talking about stealing, I do remember someone telling me my rims got stolen last time by some blue eyed, blonde hair white boy who’s probably colour blind too. I mean, he was wearing purple and yellow in broad daylight! Nah-uh. Still, he got the purple right though. Guess it was just the pimp in him coming out. I don’t mind now, though. It’s all good, Steve.

Still, the good times didn’t last though. He got caught, cause the police always want to bring a player down. And this got him all worried and shit that he’ll be sent to jail, because he had some priors. But there was a mix up with his files, and they thought this was his first offense. So this was how he started his life in personal growth, and instead of being somebody’s bitch, he made life his bitch and made sure he doesn’t get smacked around anymore, because he’s doing all the smacking now. And that’s pimping, because pimps never settle my man.

So after all these years of developing himself, he discovered the core principles of human growth (and pimping). The three main core principles consists of truth, love and power, with four secondary principles derived from them, which is oneness, authority, courage, and intelligence.

Now I can’t do justice in explaining these core principles in just one short review, so let me give you a simple lowdown so you can remember them when you’re out there pimping. This is how I’ve used the principles, and I’m going to keep it real for you hustlers out there.

Truth: Don’t let your bitches lie to you. Simple as that. And don’t fool yourself either, cause if you do, you’ll lower your game, and that ain’t cool. But especially, don’t let your bitches lie to you.

Love: Love yourself, love what you do and always love your bitches.

Power: But sometimes you gotta smack them.

Oneness: Look out for number one, dog. There isn’t anybody out there more important than you.

Authority: Be the big dog in your area, and make sure you get better and better.

Courage: And let the fools out there know that you’re not scared of their ****, because when you’re a pimp, the only thing to fear is you.

And if you can do all that, you’re one intelligent pimp.

For this book, I’ll give it 5 pimp canes. Steve, you’re one hell of a pimp. Keep it real.

5 Responses to “Personal Development for Smart People review by Tricktickler A Valentine”

  1. Gabe Says:

    Yo dog, dat’s da skriaght up dope shiznit. LOL! I’ve not REALLY LOL’d in a while until I ACTUALLY LOL’d when reading this review. You should have your own entire blog in this charater! Is this really Steve in his alter ego?

  2. hi
    thanks for this powerful review,i have liked the way you have written.

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